Get Involved in Missions at Family Community Church

Ignite Your Fire for Missions

Read About a Missionary

One of the best ways to build your faith and stir up your heart for missions is to read about great men and women of God. Read these books from Bethany House Publishers as a family to stir your faith and focus on missions as a group.

Men of Faith Series       

Borden of Yale
Brother Andrew
C. S. Lewis
Charles Finney
Charles Spurgeon
Eric Liddell
George Muller
Hudson Taylor
Jim Elliot
Jonathan Goforth
John Hyde
John Wesley
Samuel Morris
William Carey
John and Betty Stam

Women of Faith Series

Corrie ten Boom
Florence Nightingale
Gladys Aylward
Isobel Kuhn
Mary Slessor


Get a Passport

Having a passport is a must if you plan to travel outside of the United States. (Not to mention that it's really cool to have one.) Is your passport ready? Do you know when it expires?

Click here if you need to obtain a passport for the first time.
Click here if you need to renew an existing passport.

Pray for Missions

Praying for missions keeps you tuned in to God's way of thinking throughout your day. Keep track of your prayer time and turn it in by phone or at one of our church services. Each month, we send our missionaries an update on our prayer time. What an encouragement!

Give a Missions Offering

At Family Community Church we receive a missions offering on the third Sunday of every month. You can also give online.

Click here for Online Giving.

Write to a Missionary

Encourage a missionary by writing a letter to let them know that you care for them and you are praying for them. Call the Family Community Church office at (916) 334-7700 to find out what missionaries you can write to and how you can reach them.

Memorize Missions Scriptures

How much scripture can you quote? Keep your mind sharp by memorizing what God says about missions.

Save Cans and Bottles

Recycling cans and bottles is a GREAT way to raise money for missions. So far this year, Family Community Church has raised $1,275.89 in cans and bottles alone!

Budget and Plan for a Missions Trip

Missions trips take a lot of planning ahead. Start planning ahead now for the trip you want to take. Think about airfare, lodging and food, clothes and supplies. And make sure you have a working passport!