The Vision

At Family Community Church, missions is not just something we do, it is our way of life. We have made it our priority to give to missions, pray for missions, and be willing to pick up and go to the mission field as the Lord directs.


Every month we designate the third weekend as "Missions Weekend". This is a time when we put a strong emphasis on missions during our services. A special missions offering is received to benefit the many connections to missions projects around the world, as well as to further the ministries of the missionaries we support on a regular and consistent basis.


Understanding the value of prayer is of great benefit to every Christian. Realizing this great truth has helped the members of Family Community Church increase their prayer life by praying for missions each day. In 2002, the missions department asked church members to begin to keep track of how much they pray for missions and turn in that time for us to journal. We have accumulated tens of thousands of hours of prayer, which is a great blessing to report to our missionaries. Each of our missionaries have testified of miracles and divine intervention which they credit to the timely prayers of Pastor Bill Krause and the members of Family Community Church.


We are ready and willing to go at a moment's notice. Family Community Church has sent out many teams to the mission field in support of our missionaries. From construction projects to medical missions or ministry trips, the members of Family Community Church have willfully set aside their personal lives to give and to help propel the Gospel and the ministries of our missionaries.


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