Demolishing Debt Confession


Dear Heavenly Father, Looking into the unseen realm of the spirit, I see all my debts paid in full.

I am redeemed from the curse of the law: poverty, sickness and sin.


My bills are paid in full.

My credit cards are paid in full.

My car is paid in full.

I see every bill I have paid in full.

My house is paid in full.


There is nothing too difficult for God. My life is a debt free life.  God wants me prospering and in health even as my soul prospers, and my soul is prospering.

I am a child of God and he meets my needs according to His riches, which are now my riches. Because I am His child it is my inheritance.


I see through the eye of faith, not my natural thinking, sight or ability that all my debts are paid in full.