Pastor Bill Krause

Pastor Bill Krause

Bill Krause is the husband of his high school sweetheart and the father of five children. He's a remarkable man with a remarkable family. This fruit of his life speaks volumes in itself. Bill's life has been one of continual service to those around him. His philosophy has always been "help enough people around you to succeed and you will succeed, automatically."  This has proven true in his own life through his extensive involvement in his community and various outreach programs.

Bill previously owned and operated a multi-million dollar company. His vast experience in the business world adds a special insight to his presentation. His down-to-earth approach to problem solving has made him a valued resource to the business leaders of his community.

Because of his unique style and presentation, Bill is always in demand to speak. His wit and truthfulness has helped thousands to improve the quality of their lives. By applying his teachings, men and women around the world have experienced tremendous positive growth in self-image, parenting skills, marriages, and family relationships. Bill Krause is committed to serving others and propelling them to the next level in excellence.

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